Saturday, May 05, 2007

Quick note from Estepona

I found a place to write from Estepona. Because so many people have cellphones these days, our house here doesn´t even have a phone. Actually, it´s not bad as far as having quiet goes, but when we are trying to find information about places to visit, it´s a drag not having a computer anymore.

Estepona is quiet, pretty, affordable, with a well kept beach and boardwalk and lots of pedestrian friendly areas, esp streets that are too narrow for cars anyway, though some locals have the knack and then we step into doorways to let them by.

The Carrefour here...think French Wal Mart...has an amazing seafood section that´s all local stuff. You can buy a whole octopus if you want, and if you know how to prepare it. So far we´ve had flounder, calamari, sole, lobster...paella of course.

We have been thwarted somewhat as far as day trips go. We can´t leave Spain-EU because we have technically stayed more than a 90-day tourist visa allows, so if we went to Gibraltar or Morocco we may actually have difficulty getting back. Alhambra tickets are sold out til May 20 so we are left with either buying from a travel agency and paying their premium or just chucking the Granada trip and heading instead for Cordoba and-or Seville. We went to Ronda up in the mountains last Wednesday. It rained and was cold but we still had a nice time.

Hardest to get used to in Spain is the way the day is structured. Siesta from 2 til 4 or even 5pm is very much observed, and people really do rest up or at least I´d need to because they eat dinner around 10pm, children included! Wow.

Anyway, better go and check on that tour but I have a feeling we´re out of luck this time. Next time we´ll take them seriously when they say order Alhambra tickets as soon as you know you´re going!!!

Bye for now...

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