Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update on the Volvo XC90


We took the new car to New Jersey for our big Point Pleasant trip and there was far less fighting in the back seat, no kicking the front seats from the back seat, plenty of room for our suitcases, we put all the Mark Knopfler cd's into shuffle mode and just enjoyed the ride. John agrees that the handling is so responsive, the braking is SO smooth, and if you need to pass a truck, you can count on the gas pedal to respond.

Interestingly, we now find that (according to Politico, a web zine about, well, duh) our status as Volvo owners, coupled with the fact that, yes, we actually drink Starbucks coffee, means that we are now officially members of the liberal elite!! Who knew? Now I'm just waiting for my membership kit to arrive, and I hope it's packaged in recycled cardboard or I'm suing.



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