Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, I know.

Ok, so it's lame to post an apology for not posting. But I just wanted to let you know that I haven't quit! JieJie and MeiMei started school last week, John is back to work, I'm back to work, and updating the blog is on the to-do list. Still need to tell you about:

*lessons learned on the Antwerp trip (good ones, no worries)
*long weekend in Williamsburg (aka Why Plopsaland Beats Busch Gardens)
*Upcoming Thanksgiving in the Twin Cities & Happy 70th DAD!!

Thanks for checking in from time to time--oh, and if you were thinking of us during the Olympics, yes we watched some of it (though we don't get NBC so it was limited to what we could see at friends' and on other channels). Quotes:

JieJie: "I don't know who to root for. I was born in China, but I live in America. I guess I'll root for both."

MeiMei (while watching boxing and talking to Gramps on the phone): "We're watching the 'lympics! This sport is called beating."

JieJie (during same "Beating" match): "They're really trying not to hurt each other, right?"

OK - until next time (not too long, I promise),

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