Friday, May 12, 2006

The big trip summer 2006

Well, we're about to set off again on another family travel adventure! I'll be sure to let you know how things go. Based on our last trip, I'll be biased toward staying at Holiday Inns because often they have more breakfast options right in the hotel, and boy is it great just to walk down to breakfast instead of packing everyone in the car I am in the middle of the first two weeks of the South Beach Diet so I can't just go to the usual carb-a-thon that most hotels put out in the morning. Eggs for me! Getting sick of eggs for breakfast, but it's working.

I digress!

The itinerary:

en route to Alabama wedding...
2 nights in Williamsburg, VA with friends
1 night in Inman, SC with friends
2 nights at Lake Martin, AL with friends, includes the wedding (awww)
en route to the Twin Cities, MN...
1 night in either Memphis, TN or Cape Girardeau, MO (depending on how close to meltdown the kids are)
rest day and touring in Hannibal, MO--not that the girls are going to be all excited about Mark Twain, but maybe we can take a neat riverboat ride or something...anything to stretch our legs and get some fresh air)
looooooong driving day to the Twin Cities (can you say Huge Glass of Shiraz Upon Arrival?)

stay a few weeks with family, then home to the Shenandoah Valley the usual way, WI-IL-IN-OH-WV-VA.

I'll be posting from the road on a laptop...stay tuned!

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