Friday, January 26, 2007

Les Waltons

We get some really interesting tv here, and I think I saw the show to end all shows on Wednesday. JieJie and I were channel surfing (given the weather and lack of playgrounds, we've been watching more tv here than at home). All of a sudden, I saw the familiar faces of Walton's Mountain, and Special Guest Star Ronny Howard seemed to be playing John-Boy's cousin.

I say seemed, because the episode of "The Waltons" was dubbed in FRENCH.

You have to understand, not only did I watch the show as a kid in the 70's (every Thursday, I still remember) but back home in Virginia, we live only about a half-hour from the REAL Walton's Mountain.

Watching John Sr. and Jim-Bob having a heart-to-heart in French as they drove their old pickup truck into town was just absurd...changed the whole feeling of it for me. All of a sudden they were spies working for the resistance. I wanted the dad to get a beret out of the glove compartment--oh, yeah, and they definitely needed to smoke.

And Grandpa Walton dispensing advice like Maurice Chevalier-Shifflett (it's a Valley thing) to little Elisabet...the children calling "allez! allez!" while they spun someone around to play Blindman's Bluff...

And of course, the final scene. I couldn't wait to hear everyone say "Bonne Nuit, Grandmama...Bonne Nuit Zheem-Bob...Bonne Nuit Jean-Homme!"

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Lauren said...

"Chevelier-Shifflett"? Har, good one, "Louise."

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