Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You:

Yes indeedy! Sorry for the lapse. I've been recovering from last weekend. Tomorrow, I promise narrative and pictures from our whirlwind overnight bus trip with a great guide, two intrepid preschoolers, an amazing husband, and thirty impressive university students, plus a very nice bus driver.

John is reading page proofs for two books due to come out later this year, so he gets first dibs on the computer. Tomorrow morning I plan to catch up, but just to whet your appetite, you will get to read about:

Aachen, Germany, where Charlemagne's tomb and throne are located;

Blegny-Trembleur, Belgium, where the last working mine in Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium) has been turned into a museum about mining;

Bastogne, Belgium, site of the WW2 Battle of the Bulge, where we toured battlefields and museums with a Bastongnian man who got chocolates from American GI's as an 8-year-old; and

(talk about historical whiplash!) beautiful Boullion, in Belgium's Semois River Valley, where we visited the castle of Godfrey, a crusader born in 1060 who became the first King of Jerusalem. Here's a taste of Boullion's storybook charm (can you tell it was my favorite?), taken from the castle rooftop:

Also coming up over the next few days (possibly):

"I've gained too much weight!"--cheese and chocolate revisited


"Behavior modification charts: Who are they Really For?"

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