Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Whew! What a party! Last night John and I went to Celtic Ireland, a huge Irish pub on the Groenplats, to meet a couple I first met at the PTA Rave Party in February. He's of Irish descent, she's Belgian, they're both a lot of fun.

The pub was crowded by 7pm when we got there and only got more crowded from then til we left about 11:30. The musical selections ranged from BeeGees to U2 to The Police and random party tunes ("God is a DJ"). John had Guinness and I had something called Adam's Apple Cider, but forgot to alternate ciders with bottled water so I'm moving a little slowly this morning.

The bar food was good--fantastic wings and sauce, and we also got a mixed warm platter that had meat skewers, cheese croquettes, and some other things to dip in the two tangy sauces.

Every so often the music changed to an Irish jig and some step dancers would do their thing on a raised area of the pub, and there was much cheering and toasting.

We walked home (nice that everything's so close to our apartment, eh?) and the babysitter got a fistful of euros to use wherever she spent last night. The college students' night is only beginning at 11:30...those days are gone for this thirtysomething mom. And good riddance! Waking up to cartoons and cereal with my husband and two lovely girlies is heaven.

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