Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sigh...Radio2 keeps me company

I am a radio person. I grew up listening to the radio and recordings of old radio shows. I heard stories about grandparents hearing major news reports on the radio and then running out in the street to talk about the news with neighbors. My dad told me funny stories about working in college radio at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. I worked at my college radio station, then at a public radio station, and am now getting into freelance voiceover work. When I walk into the kitchen in the morning, the first thing I want to do is turn on the radio.

When I travel, I love listening to the radio to immerse myself in the sounds of the language, and to hear the range of musical tastes.

So when we were in our sweet little apartment in Antwerp, instead of tuning into Armed Forces radio or BBC, I often listened to Radio2 (jingle singers...'Raaaahhhh-dee-oh Tvaaaaayyy, All-tied / dicht / by yow" actually spelled Radio Twee: Altijd dicht bij jou).

And thanks to the wonder of the internet, when I'm missing my home away from home, it's (rah-dee-oh-tvay-punt-bay-ay). And they play a combination of music that NO AMERICAN RADIO STATION WOULD TOUCH WITH A TEN-FOOT POLE! In the past hour I've heard:

The Specials: A Message To You Rudy
Kate Bush
Abba: Lay All Your Love on Me
Gilbert O'Sullivan: Claire
Tina Turner: Private Dancer
Udo: Isn't It Time
Garth Brooks: White Christmas
random Dutch-speaking/singing artists interspersed...
awesome new Euro-pop interspersed...

He's singing, over and over, "Love Love Me" and the retro-disco beat is pumping.

sigh. Radio 2, Ik van je hou!

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