Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy with the Volvo!

All went smoothly on Saturday and as JieJie and MeiMei settled themselves into their new car seats (one built-in, one Volvo-made model that JieJie picked out, blue with multicolored dots) JieJie said "this car is cooooooooooooooooool!" When she sits in the middle, there's legroom for her between the two front seats, too. And Sunday, we had friends who wondered whether we could give them a ride home (1 adult and 3 kids) and I was able to say YES WE CAN! My friend, who is a dancer, wanted to just keep driving around and around because the heated seats felt so good.

Only one thing underwhelms me, and that's the stereo system's speakers, which make a slight buzz sound when turned up too loud. Whatever. I actually am usually picky about stereos, but I'd almost go with an AM radio if I got to keep the rest of what Volvo got right with this car. It's just nice, period.

So yeah, still feeling very good about that purchase - and thanks mom and dad for the "tax refund loan" toward the downpayment! You know we're good for it ;)


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