Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let The Games Begin

Today, MeiMei and I are going to test-drive a certified pre-owned Volvo xc90 and see how we like it. It's a great deal as it is, w/only about 15,000 miles on it and several of the nice packages already installed. For long-distance trips, it is going to be very safe and comfortable - we just need to make sure that this particular one is "the one" by taking it out on the highway, looking at the CarFax report, and generally kicking the tires.

The one thing I really, really want is the dvd entertainment system, but it's REALLY expensive...still, I have done my research and what they're asking for the system seems to be the going rate. Ebay motors had it for $250 less, but you'd have to install it yourself, so there's really no savings there. Cars.com listed the invoice price that dealers pay for the system, and for pete's sake we're getting like $10,000 worth of packages that we didn't have to pay for just by letting someone else drive the thing for the first year. And we don't pay for the depreciation of that very expensive first drive off the lot, either.

My big thing is, I want the monthly payment to be below a certain threshhold, and I already know the interest rate, downpayment, and all that. So if they can discount the dvd system or lower the sale price or a combination of the two and come within our budgeted monthly payment, I think we'll have ourselves a deal. We have been looking off-and-on for two years, and this time it feels like the stars are aligning.

Oh--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! Here's to 42 years of sticking together through thick and thin. We love you so much!


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