Saturday, February 02, 2008

On the horizon: a cruise in Europe

Just a quick heads-up. My parents just booked passage on a Danube River cruise for September of this year! I'm so happy for them. Their trip will take them from Budapest to Munich, via Vienna. Sounds lovely. Alas, you can't join them as they booked the very last cabin yesterday with Uniworld. And double Alas, we can't join them because the girls aren't 12 yet. That's fine with me - something to look forward to. I doubt the luxuriously leisurely pace would appeal to children, though it certainly appeals to ME (And Mom and Dad, I am not hinting. Seriously. Happy 42nd Anniversary, and here's to many more trips & beautiful memories).

I was daydreaming about travel today as we ran a few errands related to JieJie's 6th birthday, and from the back seat all I could hear were repeated questions... "Mom, when can we mail the invitations? When can we mail the invitations? MOM, whencanwemailtheinviTAAAAYYYY-SHUUUNNNNZZZ? And when can we get the things to fill the goodie bags and the pinata?" Etc.

These legendary rivers and waterways have shaped the history, culture and economy of Europe for thousands of years. Now they will help shape your vacation experience, giving you an intimate and up-close view at how life once was lived in Europe’s sophisticated cities and tiny villages. Travel through the heart of Europe and be prepared to be amazed as history unfolds before your eyes.--Uniworld website

Someday, a trip like that will be a dream come true, though I couldn't really enjoy a kid-free trip right now (the kid-free areas of the Disney Cruise ships strike a good balance, I think...parents get a break but still get to tuck the kiddies in). John and I are looking forward to going back to Washington Street Inn in Key West, one of our favorite spring break destinations pre-kids. But we can't. I just went looking for their website to make a hyperlink, and it looks like this secluded, sweet little kid-free getaway has changed owners and is now the Alexander Palms Court. Oh well. Good thing I returned the last book I borrowed from their resort library!

So Mom and Dad will send quick notes from their trip, and I can let you know how it goes. As for us, I saw John tracing a route through Northern Europe with his index finger last night. And one finger was on Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden...where the Volvo factory is.

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