Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sweden, Here We Come!

Summer plans are starting to take shape, and it's very promising indeed! I am taking a risk in some ways by making such a confident proclamation. Regular readers have no doubt noticed that we don't always end up going where we say we'll go. But I suspect that the trip idea/actual trip ratio for most travelers is anything but 1-to-1. for us I think it's about 3/1. Still, the odds of us taking the trip I think we're going to take this summer are pretty good!

Proposed Itinerary for the Globetrekker Heritage Tour, made possible in part by the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program:

+/- June 14: fly to Goteborg, Sweden to take delivery on a Volvo (model TBA...Volvo of Charlottesville is sending brochures for the S80, XC90 and Cross Country wagon).

amorphous itinerary from then on: tour the area around Sunne, Sweden where my great-great-grandfather Nils is from. Possibly meet distant, distant relatives. Drive down to the crossing to Copenhagen, tour Denmark, where John's Oma was born. Visit Kiel, Germany where John's Opa was born. See a bit more of Germany, work our way down to Antwerp, visit friends there, scoot up to Amsterdam/Mijdrecht to visit friends, and then go home and enjoy the rest of the summer.

In retrospect, I'm so thankful that we just couldn't settle on a car or any summer plans last fall, and I'm glad we didn't settle for a car that we weren't truly excited about. The stars have aligned and now our purchase of a second vehicle is going to make a great trip possible! Cue the celestial choir! Let's hear it for paying attention to a gut feeling.

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