Tuesday, March 18, 2008

6,000 Hits!

It's become a tradition to post some kind of multimedia file every time we reach another 1,000 hits, and I'm really excited about this podcast:

WMRA-FM's Virginia Insight presents Bio Rhythms

Program description:
What happens to your inner clock when you cross too many times zones too often?
How do frequent changes in schedule, like rotating shift work, affect your health?
Biologist Gene D. Block has been studying those questions for more than three decades. In this podcast, he explains the latest research. This program was originally broadcast on January 31, 2007.

For anyone who has ever wondered if there are ways to mitigate the worst effects of jet lag, take heart! Dr. Block has some great practical tips you can put to use on your very next trip. I also recommend the advice available at www.nojetlag.com, though I have to say that I tried the medication on our 2002 China trip and didn't see where my adjustment was any easier than John's--and he didn't take the medication!

will post on last week's NJ trip later this week...lots to share!

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