Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just a little over a month til we depart for Antwerp, our favorite home away from home!

We have confirmed reservations at hostels in Cologne (Koln), Koblenz, and Trier. And we have learned not to wait til May to book a hostel for June. Let this be a lesson to you. This was a little more nip-and-tuck than I would have liked.

BTW, two sites were muy helpful in this quest: Booking.com showed rooms available at our Koblenz choice even when orbitz, hotwire, and expedia all said "no rooms available." And how did I search all of those different sites simultaneously? TripAdvisor.com was a fantastic resource.

Where are we staying, you ask? You'll be able to read reviews and see photos after we've been & gone. This is the Internet, after all.

We have also decided, after researching both rail and car rental options, that a car rental makes the most sense logistically and financially. I love train travel because we can really be with the girls and experience things with them in a way that cars don't allow (and because they have bathrooms on board!). JieJie says "I love trains because they come around with the snack cart!" but the difference in price was pretty staggering. We're going to rent through europcar.com, which was the same outfit we used last year to rent a car at the Costa del Sol.

Gosh...I think we're all set to go! Now we just need to pin down when/how we can see our friends in The Netherlands and that'll be it.

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