Saturday, June 28, 2008

Germany Preview

We're back from Germany and booked solid til Monday, so here's a quick version of the Germany trip that I will flesh out later (why write when there's still traveling to do?).

Monday night - Springsteen - great show - trams not running when we got out - walked from Meir to KonigAlbertPark - JieJie had tried to wait up for us...yikes

Tuesday - drove to Cologne (Koln) - hostel ok but noisy - saw famous Cathedral, couldn't find easy way to river view

Wednesday - drove to Koblenz - train to Bacharach - picturesque doesn't begin to describe - KD boat trip down the Rhine back to Koblenz - great dinner - this day was best of trip - Hotel Brenner a definite keeper!

Thursday - drove to Trier - GPS couldn't get us to hostel - ditched car at car-park and walked - hostel spartan but clean and comfortable - walked around old city, took little tourist tram to major sites - Roman and medieval remnants truly impressive - girls got to go to a big carnival put on by one of the churches in town

Friday - bfast at hostel - walked to car - drove back to Antwerpen via Luxembourg, passing through the Ardennes on the way - lunch at a sweet cafe along the way - European rest stop facilities are WAY nicer than we have...healthy food for sale!!!


Tomorrow - MeiMei turns 5 and we spend the day on our friends' boat in southern Holland...yeah, just like my 5th birthday, John & I said to each other...sheesh!

Sorry for the short entry...just didn't want you to think we'd fallen into the Rhine or something.


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