Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Belgians are Coming!

So excited - we will be reversing things on Thursday as our Belgian friends S&I and daughters H&E arrive in little old Harrisonburg, Virginia! We've got them staying at a sweet little place, a local favorite that is a bit off the beaten track. Since they will be getting over their jet lag while here (the 2-7 of July), we have some general ideas for short and full-day trips and will play things by ear. Really looking forward to the 4th, because in the morning we have the farmer's market, and then there are fun things happening all day including the parade and of course fireworks to top it all off.

We have put together a bag of fun stuff for them, including new beach towels (they didn't want to bring them), coloring books that I made from free printables online, snacks to have at the hotel, and some brochures about the area.

Hoping that the fertilizer smell out at East Rockingham dissipates before we take them there for a swim because it was FOUL today (or should I say fowl? I think it's chicken poo).

Will let you know what they thought of our little town. I have a feeling their visit will FLY.


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