Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ouch, my heart!

Ok, so I just got an email from JieJie's teacher. We had promised to keep in touch. She said that every morning, when they take attendance and notice who is absent, they mention our daughters' names. Then they say that JieJie and MeiMei are home in America and that we are all thinking of each other. The postcard we sent from Estepona is posted in the classroom. Massive sniff and sigh.

I'm glad for email, but it's such a tease. It makes us seem so close, and then we realize that we are so far away. I just have to believe we will see one another again. That school is so fantastic, I wish the commute weren't so impossible.

The girls went to the last day of their old preschool today. They were invited to the last day of school party and they had a fantastic time running through sprinklers and getting their faces painted. Their teacher here said it was as though they had never left, though she noted that both of them seem much more confident and intrepid, which I absolutely credit to our semester abroad.

If I'd known the school in Antwerp was going to be so incredible, I'd have arranged to stay and let them finish out the year somehow, I think.

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