Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Test Drive Results...eh


We are the car buying equivalent of picky eaters.

I went to try the Town & Country and it was fine. Handled well, nice pickup and smooth braking. Plenty of room, and I like the stow 'n go seating. In order for MeiMei to be comfortable in her booster, I had to remove the headrest from her bucket seat in the second row, no biggie. I like the power side doors and power liftgate. I felt like Magic Mommy when I pushed that door button and MeiMei lit up like we were in on a magical secret together.

But there were these little nagging things. When I pulled out the cup holder, it just felt cheap and didn't move very well. I had to kind of bang it to get it to go back in. Then, when I was going over 55mph, there was a tiny little tap-tap-tap sound from what seemed like the front axle area. But I thought well, I'm probably hearing things or making too much of what I am hearing.

We picked John up at work, and he dropped us off at home so we could go get JieJie from kindergarten, and he drove it back to the dealership. Before he dropped me off, I noticed that the armrest on the left side of my passenger seat was vibrating madly, buzzing. Hunh? He noticed the same little tap sound. He liked the same things I liked and we both agreed that it was comfortable to drive, and roomy.


We weren't in love with it. He remembered buying the Camry back in 2000 and thinking that it was the perfect car for us at that time, as well as being a really good deal on a good car. Since we're not in a hurry, we've realized we're both waiting to feel that feeling again, whichever car we end up with. So we're going to let this van go.

I still say renting a car for the next long trip may be the most economical option. Beats a car payment!

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