Monday, October 01, 2007

Will We Buy A Minivan?

Friday morning, a salesman from the Chrysler dealership we visited last week called to say they had just gone to the dealer auction and bought a Pacifica and a Town and Country Touring model, and would we be interested in either one?

John went Saturday morning to test drive the Town and Country, but it wasn't unloaded from the truck yet, so he's going tomorrow morning after he drops MeiMei off at preschool.

All this time I've been resisting the minivan option...maybe it's all those times when I've driven to a playground or school or kid-friendly event and felt like I was intruding on the Minivan Army with my Camry. Maybe that's why I liked the was van-esque, but a little different.

But maybe a van is really the best thing for us right now. If the price is right (20K miles on it, it's an '06 just coming off a lease program, list price is $19,988 but perhaps we can go even a bit lower?) who knows? I may have a new photo to post later this week.

We'd likely hang onto the Camry, since it runs well and is paid off.

A minivan? Again?! Ok, so I'm reminded of the day I went shopping for a wedding dress and kept trying on all these white cocktail and prom type dresses, but nothing was quite right. Finally the saleslady looked me in the eye and said, gently, "'re getting married. That's why none of these dresses is quite right. Shall I show you the WEDDING DRESSES now?"

I can hear her now: Dear, you're a mom with two kids. Shall I show you the MINIVANS now?

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