Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Too many choices!

OK, so we STILL haven't pinned down the Rhine excursion, though we have our dates in mind now. We'll leave the morning after we get to see Bruce Springsteen at the Sportpaleis (which is going to be amazing btw because it was supposed to be in a huge soccer stadium, but was moved to the MUCH smaller Sportpaleis Arena where we saw K3 in "De 3 Biggetjes" last year--we should be able to see really well!).

And it's absolutely dumb of us to procrastinate because the longer we wait, the fewer hostel options we'll have. Thank you for reading this, because it actually helps motivate me to know that People Are Waiting To Hear Something.

We will be going over several weekdays and coming back by Friday evening. Traveling on weekends by train is more expensive and also more crowded (I remember going to the seaside at DePanne and sitting between cars with the girls on my lap, on my feet, on my head...). You can usually find discounts if you are willing to travel between 10am and 3pm on weekdays. I think we have elected not to rent a car, but I should make sure John is in agreement because at one point he was interested in driving.

My business associate in Brussels, T, said the train from Koblenz, Germany to Antwerpen via Luxembourg is beautiful, so that's a possibility that would allow us to stop in Trier and see the Roman-era structures. We could do it as a daytime layover and stay further along the way. So now we're back to the Great Circle Route (as applied to this trip) which is a clockwise circle from Antwerp-Koln-down the Rhine-up the Moselle-through Luxembourg and back home.

Well, back to the Jugendherbergen website...I think we're just going to have to make a decision and live with it. We know that we like to see fewer places in greater depth, rather than rushing around for quick photo-ops in a zillion places, so at least that helps as a guiding principle.

Watch This Space...some more...


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